Ah! If you're on this portion of the site, I hope it means you're interested!

My name's Shelby, but I tend to go by the only handle of "Smerby" for internet consistency (as well as the continuation of a long-running inside joke).

I have an extensive background in the tutoring, teaching, and I've worked with such a wide range of writing and reading needs, I'd be surprised if I couldn't help you with some aspect of your concern.

The Breakdown

  • I'm skilled in MLA, APA, and Chicago style.
  • I'm familiar with CSE.
  • I have a cumulative ten years experience editing and tutoring writing, six of those years professional.
  • I've worked with a variety of needs (advanced, basic, ESL, special needs, etc.).
  • I can work with a variety of paper topics (Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, etc.).
  • I received a BA in English and History, with High Distinction and a Certificate in Writing. I also graduated through the Honors Program.  I held a 3.84 GPA. 
  • Need more verification or credentials? Contact me through e-mail!

A Further Breakdown
  • I taught elementary and middle school students write "newspaper articles" and short stories through the YWCA for roughly three years, helping with basic English literary elements such as "character" and "plot" development, as well as basic grammar.
  • I worked at a Big Ten school's Writing Center for three years. I worked one-on-one (and occasionally with groups of up to five) with ESL (or English Second Language) students, adult students with special needs, honors students, senior citizens, etc. I primarily aided in teaching the mechanics of writing, which included basic and advanced grammar instruction, brainstorming and outlining ideas for papers of any length, instruction on basic English language, advanced discussion of various topics (such as Philosophy, Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, English Literature, Linguistics, History, Communications, Art History, and more), and overall editing of papers. 
  • My great skill at the writing center was developing students' writing independence. As a result, I had several ESL students pass their writing portions of the Basic Skills test and Teaching Exam, other students find acceptance at higher learning institutions (graduate, medical and law school), and still more bring failing grades up to solid As and Bs.
  • I worked as a teaching assistant for a non-profit organization that offered supplementary, advanced curriculum to students from poorer urban schools. I facilitated English, History and Writing discussion, and worked one-on-one and at a classroom level teaching writing, citation, and more.
  • I've worked at a private company for roughly two years instructing those with special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD-NOS, ADD/ADHD, etc.) and learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Discalculia, Hyperlexia, etc.). I helped these students (who ranged in age from 4-25+) learn to read, write, and more at grade level or above.
  • I've done personal, "off the clock" editing for friends and peers since middle school. From a friend's cover letter, to a friend's paper due the next day, to the friend's essay to medical school (he got in, by the way), I've done editing (grammar and content) for roughly half my life.
  • In both high school and college, I took all Honors Composition and English courses, getting no grade less than an A-. I took multiple AP courses, getting 4s in AP Government, US History, and English Literature & Language, while taking 5s in AP Psychology and European History.

Have more questions or just want to know more about me in general?
Contact me at: shelbyilene@gmail.com or visit my personal blog: http://smergasbored.blogspot.com