I will work with your needs.

Do you want more specialized instruction?
Do you want to work on ESL issues or have a learning disability?
Do you want to have multiple papers looked at?
Do you want to talk about more advanced concepts and coursework for advanced placement, honors, or college level papers?

These are just a few examples of what could qualify as different things I can help you with! For pricing and further information, e-mail me at

I offer a free consultation to all possible clients.  Through either Skype (text, voice, or video) or e-mail, we can discuss what you hope to achieve through working with  "The Writing Smorgasbord." This includes what catered services I can offer you, as well as any specific questions, concerns, or requests you might have.

I break down services into four categories (though we can talk individual pricing for specialized instruction): Editing, Instruction, Specialized, and Subscriptions.

Editing Services
  • Editing of Grammar (up to 20 pages): $20.
  • Editing of Content (up to 20 pages): $25.
  • Full paper editing [including grammar, content, suggestions/comments, etc. (up to 20 pages)]: $30.
  • A fee of $5 is added to all above pricing after page limit is reached (up to 40 pages; an additional $5 is then added up to 60 pages. Contact me for payment options on any paper longer than 60 pages).
  • All page limits are based on 12 pt., Double Spaced papers.

Editing Services

Instruction Services

  • 30 minute session (through Skype text, voice, or webcam) : $20.
  • 60 minute session (through Skype text, voice, or webcam): $35. [$5 savings]
  • 90 minute session (through Skype text, voice, or webcam): $50. [$5 savings]
  • E-mail based instruction: ranges from $10-50 (to purchase, look under Specialized Services).
  • Your consultation will help us determine what session length may help you best.
  • All instruction services include grammar and content help (based on what is your main concern).
  • Any "excess" time in a session cannot be refunded, but may be used to discuss other papers, questions, or issues! I will never leave your session early, nor will I waste your session time.

Instruction Services

Specialized Services
  • If you and I have discussed a specific or particular type of session, click the "Donate" link and enter the discussed monetary amount!
  • Examples of specialized services include: E-mail based tutoring help, incorporation of learning disabilities or ESL issues into session, a certain amount of session time (20 minutes; 45 minutes), or a very short paper, cover letter, or application (1-2 pages), etc. Contact me to learn more at:


  • If you would like to work out a continuous session plan (such as 1 session per week over a course of the semester, 1 session per month, etc.), contact me for more details and we will work out special, reduced pricing.

All services should be scheduled at least 1-2 days in advance. Session times can be very flexible. Editing times are even more flexible.
To schedule, contact me at