What to Expect

Your session with me will be catered to your specific wants, needs, and goals of the session, therefore you can expect something dynamic each time we work together! Nonetheless, I have a few examples of what services will typically look like.

Instruction Services
In the 30-90 minute sessions, we'll sit down with a paper (or papers, depending on length and time) over Skype (be it through text chat, voice, or video). You will send me the paper through either e-mail or through Skype while keeping your paper in front of you as well (either printed or on a word processor). We can also "share screen" on Skype which enables us to look at the same document.

I'll ask you a few questions about what you're hoping to tackle. For example, do you need help outlining? Are you having trouble understanding the assignment and need to discuss and brainstorm? Do you want someone to explain exactly why and how wording may be grammatically incorrect or awkward?

We will then go through the paper together. I will read out loud (in video or voice chat) or to myself and point out various areas that may need work. We will focus on spots you specifically want looked at and spend any remaining session time working on areas (or rules, consistent errors, etc.) that we may have skipped or gone over briefly in favor of focusing on your primary areas of concern.

A standard session might entail me reading over your whole paper, pointing out my areas of concern and then working with you to replan, reword, or even just rewrite.

"E-mail" sessions would be a bit different. Using either e-mail correspondence or Google Documents, we will employ all of the above techniques without real time contact. Contact me for more information at: shelbyilene@gmail.com.

Editing Services
Though I try to remain as personal and catered to your needs as possible, Editing Services are a bit more cut and dry!

Depending on what service you've selected, I will edit your paper after receiving it through e-mail. For grammar, I will make all changes and e-mail you an edited copy. For "content editing," I will highlight areas that need work and offer multiple suggestions and comments for improvement (both at the ends of sentences and paragraphs, as well as a summary at the end of the entire paper); for a full paper editing, I do both tasks.

Specialized Services
These are my most catered sessions! If you have trouble with the English language as a whole, I can offer all options of "Instruction" and "Editing" services with simple explanations on English grammar and structure rules. I will also summarize and focus on consistent errors, with the hope of helping you improve independently very quickly! For example, if you have trouble with tense issues or comma splices, I will cater our instruction plan to help eliminate these areas of concern!

For learning disabilities (such as comprehension needs), we can also work on a specialized plan. I can work on content (your assignments, your prompts, any select school work or concepts you've encountered that I've also studied) with you. Together, we can work on honing reading comprehension, as well as learning to properly understand assignment prompts and articulate what is being asked in a paper!

As always, contact me at shelbyilene@gmail.com for further questions, comments, or concerns.