Welcome to "The Writing Smörgåsbord."

According to Merriam-Webster, a smorgasbord is a "supper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes" or a "large heterogeneous mixture."
In other words, a smorgasbord is a bunch of different things in one setting.

Here at "The Writing Smorgasbord," I (Smerby) can help you with a huge variety of writing needs. 

Smerby, your tutor/proofreader.
Just need your whole paper proofread? I can do it in a matter of hours. 

Need tutoring, whether one session or several sessions over the course of a semester, but have trouble seeing someone in person or scheduling a time in your schedule? We can work out a variety of options (either through Skype chat, voice, or webchat, or even e-mail and Google Documents) so that you are comfortable and helped!

Have trouble writing across disciplines, like English, History, or even Science? We can tackle those issues together to get you writing confidently!

At "The Writing Smorgasbord," I'll make sure your writing needs are met through personal consultation and catered editing or instruction!
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